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There are millions of ways to promote your own post. But after doing some research on the web you'll find that a lot of them are useless. So, what to do to actually promote your post? The answer is here. Here are some points after a lot of research on the web and by trying them too... This methods discussed in the points below are really helpful in bringing a lot of traffic to your post :

Promote Them Immediately : Your posts get maximum visits within few days after the post publication. So you must promote your post immediately.

Share it on Social Networks : The highest percentage of visitors coming to one's post through his promotional strategies is social networks. Many Social Networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin drive a lot of traffic to your posts.

Comment on other blog's containing posts of your niche : This would also drive a lot of traffic to your blog post if you comment on blog containing posts of your niche. Because visitors on the blog you'll comment is interested in the content of the blog you comment and if yours and the site's niche is same he might end up becoming a regular visitor of your blog. comment as much as possible on high traffic blog. WARNING : Do Not Spam Them As It Might Leave A Bad Impression.

Share post on bookmarking sites: Sharing posts on bookmarking sites is a good method to promote your post and many probloggers use this method too.

Share it on google+ : Sharing it in google+ bring a good amount of traffic on you blog if you have people (interested in your post's content) in your circle. I myself get a lot traffic from Google + . Try To get as man google +1s as possible.

Ping Your post url to the search engine as soon as you publish your post : This insure that the search engines are informed as soon as the post is published and so they are indexed soon.

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    3.Use hyperlinks
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    5.Add interactive features to your blog.
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