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Hello fellow bloggers... Welcome to PreToPro Blogger. PreToPro Blogger is not only a blog but it’s a journey, a journey from pre (newbie) blogger to a Pro (professional) blogger. Now that you are here and ready to invest few minutes, I am glad to tell you about this journey, the PTP world and a few factors that led to the formation of this blog.

Blogging is a fulfilling experience. It is incredible. Every blogger wants to explores this blogging world, learn something new out of it and off course to earn a grand living out of it. PTP was started with a vision to empower every blogging enthusiasts to join the journey of excelling this blog running skill.

About PreToPro Blogger

PreToPro Blogger was started on 8th august 2013.  PTP was started to provide everything that a Pre(newbie) blogger needs to become a Pro(professional) blogger. PreToPro Blogger is for anyone who has online entrepreneurial flair and is passionate about blogging and technology. PTP tries to give you smart and out of the box techniques which would help you in enhancing your blog. Be it blogging basics, design, tools, tips, tricks, resources, widgets, SEO, marketing, content writing, monetization, social media and current trends in blogging, PTP incorporates all. Besides there are inspirational stuffs like blogging stories of experts and blogging giants which would help you motivate and perform better in the blogging world.

About me

Kaushal Srivastava I am a simple school going teen (studying in 12th grade) who is passionate about blogging. I live in Bokaro, Jharkhand. I am a fun loving boy who loves exploring gadgets and web. I like to read about bloggers and blogging.  Music, Travelling, Coding, Web designing, Gaming, Reading etc. are my favorite hobbies.
 I started PTP to share what I learn from blogging each day. I was introduced to blogging world when I was in tenth grade when I read “THINK DIGIT’S Fast track to Blogging” and now it has become the passion of my life. Initially, Istarted with intensive web research about blogging and soon I developed a heart to share all the techniques which helped a naïve guy like me to help establish a blog and run it well. So, PTP was born.Iam learning each day and PTP is just the reflection of my learning which I love sharing about this fascinating blogging world. I wish to pursue my career as a full time blogger. I love interacting with people with similar interest. Feel free to join me on Facebook here.

Motto of PTP

PTP tries to offer quality tutorials and easy to follow techniques to make pre blogger to a pro blogger. It tries to give all the required guidance to make you a successful blogger. This blog facilitates newbie blogger providing all the blogging resources to make him/her a self-dependent blogger. PTP wants to be a guide in your amazing blogging journey.

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