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Usually when new publishers apply for a high paying ad network (like Google, tribal fusion ...etc) ; inspite of meeting their traffic requirement they get disapproved...So what to do? Well here are few things that you should check/do and then apply/reapply for any good ad network:

  • First of all check that you meet the requirements/policy of the ad network (or else you are wasting your time)

  • Make sure That Your Blog/Website has plenty of content - text(preferred), images, video's. 

  • It will be better if your blog is of a particular niche (Ad networks love to approve sites/blogs that only has content on a specific niche).

  • Make Sure that your blog/website has quality content ( with quality i mean content that is unique, has no mistakes in it (Grammatical or spelling) and has sufficient text/data and also should not contain offensive language)

  • Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they have easy access to all of the sections and pages of your blog/website

  • Ensure that your blog/website is fully built and no part of it is under construction

  • Stick to a program like google analytics to understand how visitors are reaching to your website, where they come from, how often they come- New or regular, are the visits legitimate or not or are just coming from impression generating tools and the use of robots or deceptive software( please don't use any of these methods to generate impressions )

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  1. hi i love your blog wish i could be as good as this. i have a blogger and would love to have this type of template, if you can help please send the tutorial to e.fashionandhealth@gmail.,com and this is my blogger

    1. Thanks for Liking the content...and I have sent you the tutorial.. Stay Connected ..

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  3. I love this website because it helps out so much with lingo but I have a question. Surprisingly I was approved the same day for adsense and I have a ad running randomingly going through different affiliate marketing but what to do after that to make a few for bucks?


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