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Many posts have been written on how to increase your pageviews or visits. But there is a difference between visitors and readers. After all, every problogger wants to increase their potential readers. But How to increase your readers? This will be my topic today. Every problogger targets to convert their visitors into readers. Now the question is that how to make a visitor your permanent reader. The answer is simple you just have to focus on quality content. Quality content, as I discussed in earlier posts in the most important aspect of a good blog. A good content with detailed information makes a visitor keen to stay longer on your blog reading your posts and coming again to your blog. Here are some great points that can help you to make your visitors stay long on your blog:

Quality Content: The MOST important thing is quality content. Nobody will come to your blog to read rubbish. With quality content I mean content relevant to your niche, has all the details about the topic discussed in the post etc.

Show related posts links below every post: A lot of visitors look for posts related to the post that he/she was reading on your blog. It will not only keep the visitors engaged with the content of his/her choice but will also decrease your bounce rate.

Add more human elements to your Blog: After all you make all the content for humans. Make your Blog Visitor friendly .It will ensure that a visitor ends up as a loyal reader of your blog.

Highlight your popular posts: You can do so by adding a popular posts gadget to your blog. This ensures that the visitor sees your best posts and gets keen to read it. And so come for more on your blog.

Interlink your post: Make a network of your posts. It not only increases readership but also has many other benefits - It increases page rank, ensures better crawling, reduces bounce rate. It keeps the visitor engaged.

Update your blog regularly and frequently with fresh posts: This ensures that your readers continue to visit your blog. But do not post just anything, make sure that your have something that interests your visitors and keep them loyal.

Its all about receiving traffic. Making readers ensures that your blog gets regular visits and the visitors do not close your blog as it opens. 

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    3. Make your blog load faster

    4. Guest posting: It’s the effective way to improve your traffic/readers.

    5. Do some seo techniques to increase traffic
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