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To Start A Blog You Have to know about three distinct processes and three not-so-distinct entities of blogging - 

Blogging Client

First of all what is a blogging client? The Post Content is Prepared by using  a Blogging Client. It Usually Consist of A text Editor with Some extra tools to facilitate the inclusion of images and other things into your blog post. So using a blogging client one can focus on creating the content and forget about the intricacies of creating a webpage in html. Advantages Of Blogging Clients :

  • The ability to save drafts
  • A nicer interface
  • Fancy formatting features
  • Features like cross-posting to multiple blogs
  • Faster uploading and addition of photos
  • The ability to keep local backup
  • Easier editing of existing posts

Blogging Platform 

A Blogging Platform Grants the blog its features and layout. It Needs to be installed on a server along with some other essential add-ons  to make the blog functional.

Blog Host

Every Site on the web is hosted on a web server. A web/blog host is an entity that Provides web space on the web server to publish the webpages of your blog online.

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