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Deciding A Blog Layout -

Many Bloggers don't pay attention to their layout. Almost every new blogger just creates a blog and selects a default template or get some template from other free or paid template providing websites. But the most important thing that they do not pay attention to is : Layout. Some who pay attention to the layout select or design the layout that they like. But what about the visitors? After all every blogger make content for its visitors. So, how to understand which layout visitors prefer more? Here are few tips that may help you to select your layout:

What should be the size?

Nearly 70% of internet users have big screen of resolution of either 1024x768(most), 1280x800, or 1280x1024. So, you could select a layout that looks good in big screen with high resolutions but do not forget the rest 30% visitors with small screen and low resolutions. Because every visitor is important. So select a layout that does not have horizontal scroll. Visitors hate to scroll horizontally.

Which alignment to choose?

As you have seen that most users use big screen. So, in my opinion you should use center aligned layout. Not only it looks great in big screens but also makes your layout more adjustable.

How much columns to choose?

Choose either a 2 or 3 columns layout. And it would be better if you keep the sidebars on the right because visitors look for menu items and other action items Make sure that your post content is not thinner than the sidebar(s).

Outline Blocks or not?

Test shows that outlining your blocks (For Example: Social bookmarks, forms, blogrolls, categories, etc) is better.

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