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Blogging is all about writing good content for your visitors. If you own a blog that is new, regular posting is the only way for you to get your blog noticed. Also search engines too love the blogs that are updated regularly. I am not saying you to post anything rubbish to be regular. Post only quality content and if it is not possible for you to post daily on your blog then make a posting schedule(1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc whatever comforts you) and be consistent. Also this will make your visitors come for more and more...

Here are 3 Benefits of posting regular :

Increase in blog readers: No doubt if will increase your blog readers. If you post regularly, your blog will soon contain huge amount of articles that will attract more and more readers.

Increase in Rankings: As I wrote above, search engines love to visit blog that are updated regularly. search engines rank your websites by various factors like daily impressions, hits, uniques etc.

Decrease in bounce rate: It also helps to decrease bounce rate as the visitors love to stay on the blog that contains many resources of their need. Decrease in bounce rate is helpful in increasing your Alexa rank.

You Can understand the whole process by this:

The more you post regularly, the more the content>>the more the content, the more the readers>>the more the readers, the more the traffic>>the more the traffic, the more the rankings>>the more the rankings, the more successful your blog will be.

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