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The most important element of a blog is its visits. Every blogger whether a newbie or Pro-Blogger wants to get more and more traffic. If you have a blog that has killer content but no traffic, it is of no use. If you have good content let the world know. But how? You might be wondering. well you will get the answer but before that do you know that nearly 50% bloggers leave blogging in dearth of visits and I don't want your blog to end like that. But before looking at the tips, check out these points :

Think about what you are doing wrong :

Yes, it is the first step of getting unlimited traffic to your blog. There are many blogs in the blogosphere getting more than 1 million visits per day! Think what they are doing and I am not? If they are getting so many visits daily, you can also get. What they are doing and what they are not doing. Find out why you and your blog is lagging behind and when you find it work like crazy to overcome it. You will see great results soon.

Does you blog deserves to get high traffic daily? :

Does your blog have sufficient content? Does your blog benefit your visitors? Just ponder over these questions. Anyone visits a blog from which he or she gets benefit. Serve your visitors, make them feel good when they visit your blog. And when you will do all these they will come for more.

So, Here are the Tips, handpicked and tested :

Submit your Blog to Search engines:

Search engines are the giants that can drive traffic to your blog. Submit your blog to every search engine you know. Some bloggers only submit their blogs to major search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. but there are also many other search engines that people use.

List your Blog in forums:

Forums are the CMS used to open different threads and questions about particular topics. The particular scripts allow one user to respond and interact with the initial thread and with other users posts which displayed as an inline format.

Basically a forum or message board is another variation of an interactive community portal that displays user content, threads, posts, tags per category and typically on one easy way to read web pages. People join forums to post their troubles and get appropriate answers from the moderator and they also be benefited by posting backlinks which is the main purpose of an user before entering any forum site. Webmasters, business owners, and SEO/SEM companies have created forums on different domain/website due to help contributing them by attracting even more organic search engine traffic, more users, more authority contributed to website page rank, link popularity, and overall increased user interactivity throughout the entire website. By joining forums a user will be benefited in the following way

Building High quality Backlinks: that are recognized by the search engines which place great importance in contextual backlinks.

Increasing Organic traffic to your blog: that will also improve your SERPs

Join Article And Social Community Portals

Indeed online social community portals and article sharing sites are giving away a great chance for both little and big internet marketers and businesses to drive multiple traffic to their personal or official sites. To be a great part of getting unlimited web traffic joining social networking or article sharing sites are one type of major concern today. If you wish to promote your products rapidly and getting your site on a better ranking throughout search engines and web directories you must run better SEO in a professional(expertise) way whether manually or hired anyone but in case i strongly recommend you joining community portals would be a great part of SEO for your site. But how? Let me explain more

While you joined on a social networking site or forum or web directory submission site or even social bookmarking site, you will gradually start posting events on those sites and you would have a chance to submit your site url with some meta keywords, descriptions, author name, and overall title of your site, okay. Now many of us(bloggers) don't know this every search engine robots normally they index each page throughout webmaster tool nevertheless they automatically can crawl major web directories like Dmoz or other social bookmarking sites to gather more and more info. about a specific url and thus if your site being found on major web directories or social bookmarking sites or community portals then you must get your site ranked updated and upgraded with the help of additional info. that comes from other directories or sites to robots.

So a big part of your SEO is done by only one trick and you get your extra energy, time saved by this way.

Here are some articles sharing and community portals :


Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet an unbeatable or unstoppable way which must drive least traffic to your site if it remains trafficless at all. You may download an eMail extractor software online but this software is no-longer available to run for free most of the vendors offer it to use free for limited trial period so you need to purchase their full version(any provider you adopt) then you could hunt over thousands of emails each day and run a successful online traffic providing way to marketize your product or personal blog.

If you're not able to purchase any software of email hunter then I've an idea, you might over millions of email without using any software there are available some sites online they do business of selling US, UK, Canadian and other top countries pure email lists, but they do offer also a massive list of free emails. You can access their sites and collect unlimited email lists for free. But the problem is most emails contain not existing mail provider or the provider is no longer available online anymore. So that while sending emails adopting any bulk mailer it will show you message email sending failure. So if you have enough time then i recommend you to sort out emails with the provider whose are existing yet online

Some of the major mail providers like Google mail, Yahoo email, Hotmail or live,,, Yandex mail, Hushmail, Zoho mail etc.

Try To Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is always welcomed to every little and big bloggers as they can share their ideas with various blog sites and generate revenue as well as highest traffic to their sites. If you have to level domain then I strongly recommend you to write guest and send to top blogs and news website like Mashable, Digg, Techcrunch, Technorati and much more.

I recommend you submitting post on such blog which has huge traffic and of course more than yours.

From The Editor :

Lastly, for traffic there is only one Mantra,  just write good content and traffic would flow in automatically (Of course SEO matters too ).

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