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Loading speed of any blog is one of the most important factor as it helps to decrease your bounce rate. Yes, bounce rate is affected by page load time as many leave the blog before it is loaded because the blog takes time. If your blog loads slow, it not only increases the Bounce rate but will also decrease your search engine ranking as now many search engines like Google consider load speed and time as a ranking factor. If your blog loading speed will be good the visitors will feel comfortable to browse your blog and will also come for more thus increasing your traffic. So, today I'll share some tips that I use myself to Increase my blog loading speed and I am sure that it will also help to increase your blog loading speed. Before applying the following tips on your blog you can check your blog load speed here. Just type your blog address and click analyze (as shown in the picture below)

My blog loading speed is shown below...

Here are the 10 tips to Increase your blog load speed :

Use less JavaScript and avoid external JavaScript : JavaScript slows down your blog load speed as it takes much time to load. Especially external JavaScript takes much time to load. You can Increase your load time by removing unnecessary JavaScripts from your blog. Instead of using external JavaScripts you can add the JavaScripts by going to Dashboard > template > edit html . Now search the following code and add your JavaScripts in between the following code :

<script type=’text/javascript’>
Add Your JavaScripts Here

Use Small sized Images: Instead of using high quality big sized images you can use small images allowing the visitors to see the high quality big sized image by clicking on the image. large high quality images take a lot of time loading thus making your page load slower. you can make the images smaller and use .png images instead of .jpg.

Use less advertisements: As advertisements are served on a website through JavaScripts codes it makes the webpage loading speed slower. So, we can Increase the blog load speed by using less advertisements on Blogs. It not only makes the page to load faster but also makes it look clean as a webpage with many ads look a mess.

Use read more links on homepage : Instead of displaying the whole post in the homepage you can add a read more link in your every post on your homepage. It helps to make your blog homepage faster. It also helps to reduce the bounce rate and increase the Page views. As to view a post the visitor has to visit two pages.

Use well coded Blogger templates: While selecting blog templates many bloggers usually select the blog template on the basis of look, totally neglecting the coding. We must always use a well coded template by some professional web template designers.

Use a Background color instead of an Image: A background image makes the blog page loading process much slower. you can use a color instead of a background to make it faster. You can search for the following code in the template code:

body { background: #ffffff url(;

Just remove the URL part highlighted in bold.

Note : This code varies in different blogs. You can search for the code that is similar to this one and then remove the URL part.

Keep less number of posts at the homepage: Keep the number of posts limited to 3-5 posts per page as  more posts per page will make the page load slower. Many visitors will not like to view blog which has slow loading homepage and will leave the blog from the homepage thus increasing your bounce rate.

Use less external links: Remove all the unnecessary links from your blog as it not only makes the page slower but the crawlers also have difficulty crawling pages containing more external links. 

Use less social elements on your blog: While using social elements on a blog is good but up to a extent. Too much social plugins, widgets, buttons etc make the blog load slower.  So, use limited amount of social elements in your blog.

Use Comment Moderation: A single post followed by more than 100 comments will take much time to load making the visitors angry and some may leave your blog before the post is loaded. So, after a few comment disable the comment for that post. Also you can use some comment widget and set the comments per page to 10 or some small number you prefer.

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  1. hmmm, very good article. But your blog template is very beautiful , can you share it with your viewers.

    1. Thanks for appreciating the content.. As far as the template is concerned I have bought the template from and have customised it by my own. I have provided the link to buy the template in the blogger tools page..

      Keep Visiting

      Regards PretoPro Blogger

  2. Nice Post Man.Important post for me.But,your Blog templates is so nice.Can you share it to others.


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