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Internal links are very much important as it keeps the visitors/readers engaged with your blog's content. Not only the visitors but search engines like Google too loves internal links. The visitors/readers feel free to browse your blog if you provide them with most relevant links with your content. Internal linking is very much helpful in increasing your readers/visitors and ranking if it is implemented wisely. Internal linking is also a good way of promoting you blog posts within your blog.

Efficient Use Of Internal Links

Internal Links are only beneficial when implemented correctly and efficiently. Many newbie bloggers do not pay attention to how they are internal linking. Here are few points that many Probloggers use while internal linking :

Using links relevant to the content: It is quite obvious that if the links will be relevant with your content then only the visitors will click on them.

Placement of the Links: The internal links must be placed where the chances of click is more. You can also place them anywhere in the post by making a column "recommended" or "must read" etc.

Using proper number of links: Do not use too many internal links within a post. Just use the appropriate number of links. Using too many links will make it look SPAM. Using too many internal links might work in sites like Wikipedia but not on your blog.

Using Title of the target post as anchor text: Anchor text is the text that links the pages. Many newbie bloggers do not choose the anchor text correctly and often choose "click here" or "go here" etc. But if you will see any probloggers blog you will find that they use the title of the target post as the anchor text. It helps the search engines to better understand about the page linked.

Using title and alt attribute: I have seen many bloggers using Title and alt attribute for their Images but many of them forget to use them on the links. These are not only beneficial for images but for links also. So, you must use them to optimize your links.

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