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Once You have done all the SEO-ing, you need to get your blog noticed. Here are some points that you should consider while getting your blog noticed:

  • Take a hard look at the content you are generating. Are you just expressing your views on news items like a billion other bloggers? What makes your Blog Unique? You might get many visits but there’s a huge difference between getting people to come to your blog and getting them to stay and getting them to frequently haunt your Blog. There is no trick that can help you if your blog’s content is poor. Obviously, writing style plays an vital role too. Make sure you check the spellings and proofread every post before publishing them.

  •  Be active in the blogging community : Take part in Blogging discussions inside the blogging community. Comment on as many blogs as possible (do not spam them, as it may leave a bad impression. Only make intelligent comment that will generate interest in you.). Doing this on high traffic blogs will ensure that someone may visit Blog too and the links work as backlinks to your blog.

  •  Update your Blog Regularly: Regular Updates will keep your visitors coming back for more, and search engines bots too love to visit blogs that are frequently updated.

  •  Get into link exchange deals with similar themed blogs containing content same as your niche. In a nutshell make sure that there are links to your blog as many places as possible on the web.

  •  Email people when you have made a new post. If you get stinkers for spamming, just email people when you have some killer “Don’t miss This” Content.

Finally, remember one thing – Blogging is an ever-changing realm, and there’s nothing you should not stop yourself from trying if it isn't illegal.

Please give you valuable feedback. I would love to hear from you.

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