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Before making all the external links no-follow you must know what is a no-follow link and why to make all the external links no-follow. Here in this post you will get complete information about what is a no-follow link, the rel="nofollow" attribute and how to add the rel="nofollow" attribute in blogger.

What is a No-follow Link?

As the name suggests the no-follow link is a link that the search engine bots do not follow or crawl.

What is rel="nofollow" attribute?

rel="nofollow" is a attribute that helps your blog  to retain its PR juice or SEO juice by telling the search engine not to follow a particular link. You might have seen the nofollow tag in the meta tag- Robot. The nofollow tag there instructs the search engine bots not to crawl any outgoing link. This nofollow tag can also be used with the hyperlinks. You can add the attribute rel="nofollow" to make any link nofollow or rel="dofollow" to make the link dofollow (dofollow is just opposite to nofollow i.e it tells the search engine bot to crawl the page).

For eg. <a href=""> PreToPro Blogger </a> is a link which you want to make nofollow. Now all you have to do is add the rel="nofollow" atribute like this :

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> PreToPro Blogger </a>

Ok, now you know what is a nofollow link, what is rel="nofollow" attribute but the question remains "Why add the rel="nofollow" attribute in the external links ?" or "Why to make the external links nofollow ?"

Why make all the external links Nofollow?

As I have discussed earlier in theis post that rel="nofollow" attribute is created to prevent search engine bots not to crawl any specific page. So now the question arises "Why do we tell the search engines bots not to crawl any external page? " 

It is because the google pagerank, alexa rank etc improves getting huge backlinks from social bookmarking sites, web directories, link exchanging method or directly access by users. At regular intervals search engine bots index links in your blog (both inbound and outbound links). The more search engine bots index your inbound links the better you will get positioned on search engine ranking, but if your blog has lots of outbound links and you are not using nofollow attribute then search engine bots will prefer those pages not yours and thus referring traffic to others sites and your blog search engine ranking will go down.

Now coming to the main thing :

How to make all the external links No-follow automatically in blogger ?

Note : Before making changes backup your template for safety. 

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template.

  • Click on Edit HTML button.

  • Find the </head> tag by pressing ctrl+f  and typing </head> in the search box.

  • Now add the following code above the </head> tag :

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

<script type='text/javascript'>
var a = $(this);
var href = a.attr('href');
$(document).ready(function() {

$("a[href^='http://']").each(function () {
if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) {
$(this).attr('target', '_blank');
$(this).attr('title', 'Click to open in a new window');
$(this).attr('rel', 'nofollow');
$("a[href^='https://']").each(function () {
if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) {
$(this).attr('target', '_blank');
$(this).attr('title', 'Click to open in a new window');
$(this).attr('rel', 'nofollow');



  • Do not add the text in red if you have JQuery library source code installed.
  • Save the changes and you are done.

Have Problems? Let me know through Comments section.

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