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So, you have started your blog and working really hard to make it a success. But after all those hard work you see little or no improvement in your blog. All the why’s and what’s come in your head. You ponder what’s wrong? Is there something you left? Why your blog is not performing well? Lots of newbie bloggers leave blogging without wondering why they are failing and think that blogging is not their cup of tea. But I don’t want you to end up like that. So, let check it one by one what are you missing: 

Do you have good content?

Just open a new tab and type the address of your blog and forget that it is your blog. Now read all your posts one by one. Are you satisfied with the content? Well, when I tried this on my blog I was not satisfied with the content I am writing. So, I decided to take a break and improve my writing skills. And so from now I will write all the posts (including this post too) completely by myself and yes the suggestions are always welcome. After the test if you are not satisfied with your content then try to improve it or else let’s move to the next point.

Are you marketing your blog content?

So, you have good content but still getting no good result? The possible reason for this is that you are not marketing your content. Marketing your content is really important. If you have good content, let the world know. Plan a marketing strategy and do your blog content marketing carefully. If you find it hard better hire a blog marketing expert. Marketing your blog is more important as although you have killer content but without it you will reach very less audience. Most of Probloggers spend 20% time in writing a blog post and 80% time to do its marketing. But if you are marketing your content also why your blog is not successful? Let’s check the next point to find out.

Have you done the SEO properly?

You may have heard many times on other blogs that, “Content is King”. But if content is king, then SEO is the queen. You cannot neglect the search engines if you do, they too will neglect your blog. Proper search optimization should be done in order to get benefit from it. You should check whether your blog is search engine optimized or not. Learn SEO tactics from trusted sources and then apply them on your blog or better hire a SEO expert to do some SEO-ing of your blog.

Are you presenting your content to visitors nicely?

So, marketing and SEO will help you to bring visitors to your blog. But will they stay there? This depends on your content and how you present it. With presentation I mean your blog design, posts design and ease of navigation. Does your blog have a good template or theme? Are your posts readable? I mean no one likes to read too small text or too large or garishly colored posts or texts having weird fonts e.g. having red colored texts on brown background (The exampleof a non-readable text).

Is your Blog socially Active?

Social media plays a pivotal role in getting famous and driving visitors to your site. If you want your blog to succeed you have to be socially active. Whenever you have a new post published, share it on your social profiles and also ask your friends and visitors to share it. Well it is called social marketing and is a part of marketing we have discussed earlier in this post. Focus on increasing your likes, fans, followers and subscribers. It will help you a lot.

Is your blog interactive?

Do you interact with your visitors through comments, emails or other means? If not, then start doing it now. Try to reply all the comments you get. Add some interactive elements in your blog like shoutbox etc. Let your visitors know that there is also a human on the other side writing posts for them. Add more and more human elements. Post time to time interactive posts like post a question and let your visitors answer or start a contest etc. Interact with them. Keep their interests in mind and they will come for more.
  • Content - Check
  • Marketing - Check
  • SEO - Check
  • Presentation - Check
  • Social presence – Check
  • Interactive - Check

What’s left? The last but not the least -

Does your blog offer something new, something special?

Is there anything special in your blog or else why will they come to your blog? I mean there are many bloggers in the blogosphere doing the same. What makes you special? Are you just another arm chair columnist airing his/her views on worldly things or just one among the thousands that share what they read every day on the web? Be special offer your visitors something new something surprising and they will come for more and more.

I am sure that after checking all points you must have found out why your blog is not succeeding. Find your loop hole and work on it like crazy to fill it.

I spend an hour writing this post for you and I hope you will spend 1 minute to like and share it on social networks. Also comments, suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome…

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  1. thanks it was pretty helpful. keep your works flowing.

    1. Hey Niladri, Thanks for the comment... Keep visiting ... great posts ahead...!!! :)


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