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Today my blog got its 100th follower. I know its not a big number but the rate I am getting genuine twitter follower is great. 3 days ago i just had 4 followers as I was not much active on twitter. But now its 100 and still growing...and all genuine. I know you might be thinking that I have bought twitter followers (yes, there are plenty of greedy folks who sell twitter followers!) But no I have not bought them.
 So, how I got 25 times more twitter followers in just 3 days and with a rate of 32 genuine followers a day! I just followed a simple trick. And you can also do the same...I assume that you have a twitter account. So lets start:

  • Go to your Twitter account and add your details and do some design customization to make it look more attractive. 

  • Post at least 10 tweets. If you do not have to tweet anything just post all your blog posts links.

  • Now open great blogs of your niche. And visit there twitter page.

  • Now you will see too many followers and I know you want them. So lets steal them.

  • Click on followers and follow all the followers of that twitter page.

  • Now all you have to is sit back and see your followers increasing.

How this Trick works?

In this trick what we are doing is following the people who are interested in your blog's niche. And if they follow bloggers having blogs of your niche, they will also follow you and will not only follow you but will also pay attention to what are you tweeting as they are interested in your niche...

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  1. Thanks for providing the information regarding this tool. I am sure it will help gain success in Facebook and twitter. bought google plus followers or views from the website as I found them to be the cheapest in the industry. I got the followers on time and I am very happy with the service. Good value for money. Highly recommended.

    1. Thanks for recommending but I think buying followers is not a good option. [-( When you buy followers they are not genuine followers and are not interested in your stuff... so you'll get no benefit.. they are just for name sake... :d

  2. So simple yet so clever :) Hardly crosses out complicated minds ;)

  3. Having genuine followers is good. Thanks for sharing the simple process to get.

    1. Well Thanks. Stay Tuned for more tricks like this... :)

  4. Thank you for taking time & sharing the insights. Really a great post. Will share and bookmark the same. Appreciate the effort in educating us. Web design company bangalore | Web development company in bangalore


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