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How to get more comments on your blog?

Comments on a blog indicate that the blog posts get response by its readers. We must allow visitors to comment on our blog whether they comment positive or negative (not SPAM). But some bloggers get very less comments on their blog. And so in this post I will list out some things you can do to increase the number of comments in your blog posts. But before that let me tell you that comments on your posts depends on various things like your writing style, your blog’s niche, your commenting system etc. and so these tips alone cannot guarantee comments on your blog. But still these tips can help you to some extent in getting comments. Here are the tips:

Writing style: The first and the foremost is your writing style. You must have a writing style that connects with the readers nicely.

Ask your readers for feedback at the end of the post: Visitors like it when you ask them for feedback, suggestions etc.

Commenting system: You can have the typical commenting system but if you want more comments you must choose some good commenting system for your blog like Commentluv (recommended) or Disqus etc. It will be better if you have multiple commenting systems.

Reply to all the comments: You must reply to all the comments you get for your blog posts. If there is nothing to say, reply at least a thanking note like “Thanks for dropping by” etc. This will leave an impression on your readers that you are paying attention to the comments you receive from them. This will develop a faith among your readers that you are there to help them whenever they need you and so they will surely comment especially when they have to ask something.

Do not delete any comment (except SPAM comments): Do not delete any comment you receive as this may leave a bad impression on the commenter and he/she may never comment again on your blog.

Allow dofollow links in the comments (Not recommended): Allow dofollow links in the comments and announce that links in the comments will be dofollow. This will surely increase the number of comments you receive but be prepared to receive a lot of SPAM comments.

As I said earlier this tips can only help you to some extent in getting more comments. The key to get more comments lies in your writing skill and the way you interact with people. Writing skill and interaction skills are natural that lies within you and all you have to do is brush them up.

Please let others also know these tips by sharing this post. Also comments, feedbacks, suggestions and questions are always welcome.

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