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This post is for all bloggers, whether you are getting lots of traffic or very less traffic. Even if anyone is getting enough traffic they will want more. And so this post is about making your daily blog traffic double in one month. These tips will not necessarily double your daily blog traffic; it can be less or more. But surely this 5 tips will have a great impact on your traffic and your alexa rankings too. These tips are results of my previous blogging experiments which helped me in increasing my blog traffic. After applying these tips on my blog my blog’s traffic increased by 236%. So here are the tips:

Include related posts links in your blog posts:

Have you ever seen Wikipedia’s articles? I am sure you would have and you would also have noticed how they have lots of links in their articles. Do the same as Wikipedia. But not too much links should be there in your posts, maximum 5 to 6 links to related posts. You can integrate links in many ways like this:

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Suppose you have a line: These tips will help you to increase your blog readers. You can make it like this:

These tips will help you to increase your blog readers

(See how I have integrated links in this post.)

How this will improve your traffic:

Suppose a visitor comes to your blog post - SEO-ing your blog. While reading he/she gets a link that says “Increasing your daily blog visits”. He/she clicks on that to read it. You get one visit extra. Now while reading that article he/she finds another link that interests him/her. So, again your visitor click to read that also thus increasing your blog visits also if the visitors find lots of article of their interest they usually bookmark or subscribe your blog thus becoming your regular reader. Now that’s what you also need.

Add a Related posts widget below every post:

A related posts widget comes in handy if you don’t want to spend time adding links in your posts. This will surely increase your visits. It is quite obvious that a visitor comes to your blog only to read what interests him/her. And if he/she finds lots of related stuff of his/her interests he/she would come for more and more.

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Comment smartly on other high traffic blog:

Commenting on high traffic blogs will not only increase your blog traffic but will also increase the number of backlinks of your blog (if the blog allows dofollow comments), resulting in an increase in your blog rankings. But you should be careful while commenting on other blogs. Do not SPAM comment on other blog as it may leave a bad impression of your blog and can also be deleted by the blog administrator. Your comment must be related to the topic posted and try to add your link smartly in the comment. Not like “I like your blog. Visit my blog at:” type comments. Also if possible try to make long comments. You can also start a discussion with the blogger in comments. And one thing more, comment only on blogs of your niche or else there will be very less chance of getting a visit from the blog you commented on.

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Submit guest posts on reputed blogs of your niche:

Submitting guest post on other blogs of your niche will improve your blog’s reputation. Also usually blogs inviting guest bloggers give you the chance to include 1 to 3 links of your choice in your post. So, you will also get backlinks and traffic from that post.

Arrange a contest or a giveaway:

If possible, provide your visitors something that will benefit them for free. Arrange a contest on your blog or better a giveaway. This will increase your blog traffic very quick. Also the visitors will love if you will provide them something worthy for free. If you don’t have anything to give you can provide a service for free. And if you don’t have any service to provide, you can make an eBook by making a package of all your great posts. Making an eBook is very easy and I will be happy to help with it (Just comment if you want help). But you must provide something good that will benefit your visitors or else why will they take part. Do not announce the exact date of results just say few days or hours (it depends). If they do not know the exact date or time of results they will keep visiting your blog time to time to check whether they won or not. I know this can be irritatingfor your visitors but if they want anything without paying money, they have to pay something else.

Email people when you have some killer “Don’t miss this” content:

Yes emails can bring you a lot of visitors but you should be very careful while sending emails or else your email would be considered as SPAM. Follow these points while sending emails to your readers or other blogger of you niche or anybody else. So, send emails only when you have some killer content. Also email only the people that have an interest in the topic your blog post is about. For e.g. if you have written a post on SEO, send emails only to people related with SEO like SEO experts or Bloggers having their niche SEO etc. But if your post is run-of-the-mill, better be prepared to get bad comments from the people you mailed as they would not like if you wasted their time making them read something they did not like.

These 5 tips will surely double your daily blog traffic. If this post helped you please help others by sharing this post. Also comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.

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