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A number of stupid articles and posts have been written about SEO (Search Engine optimization) but there are only a few discussing about the real concept of SEO. There are many things you can do to SEO (Search engine optimize) your Blog. First of all, let go of any illusion you might have that I am using Blogger and Blogger user are at an advantage just because Google owns blogger. The following tips apply universally too: 

1. Choose your blog and post titles appropriately. You'll need something catchy to grab readers to your blog, but search engines would prefer to include at least one word indicative of the post content in every post title.

2. Update your blog regularly. Search engines like the ‘live’ Blogs that are updated with some new content regularly.

3. Register yourselves on every blog listings as much as possible.

4. Make comments on high traffic blogs (Not like please visit my blog: type.). Do not SPAM comment on any blog this would leave a bad impression. Start discussions with other bloggers; get yourselves blogrolled on as many blogs as possible.

5. Stick to a general theme for your blog. By their very nature blogs are riddled with search keywords, and themed blogs more so.

6. Wherever possible make sure that have a permalink of your every post. This would help search engines (like etc.) to index them better.

7. Always check that your blog is healthy or not by healthy I mean that it do not have any design mistakes, coding error, broken links etc. To check if there are errors in your blog or not; also if there are errors to correct them hook to a program there are plenty of available on the web ( I use Google’s publisher tools ).


Use your common sense. There is no any program or site that can increase your ranking drastically. Please do not use any underhanded techniques just follow the basic tips and see how your ranking improves.

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  1. Nice ! I would like to add some tips to make good traffic to the blog :

    1. Content - write a good content that is updated regularly in your blog/.
    2. Text styling -Make bold or use any different font style to highlight your keyword.
    3.Use hyperlinks
    4.Use your keywords in your web pages
    5.Add interactive features to your blog.
    For example : Include the HTML code snippet in to your blog to increase traffic.
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