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After going through many popular blogs I concluded that the most important fact that makes a blog a popular one is the visitors. Everything we write in the blog is obviously for its visitors and if the blog is not visitor friendly no one would like to come again. They will come only when your content is exceptionally great. But if it’s not anyone would prefer to haunt again… To understand what features constitute a visitor friendly blog I visited some popular blogs and I concluded following features to be considered as visitor friendly: 

1.) Font Characteristics: Fonts should be large enough so that the visitors may not have to squint to read the content. Font colors of normal and links should be different from that of the background to provide proper contrast with the background.

2.) Page Style: Very much garishly pages are a put off; many may not like to read too much varied colorful texts. Avoid such texts. I am not saying that using colorful texts are bad. Colors can be used to depict the mood of the blogger. But it must be done carefully. If the bloggers mood is a happy one, using a gloomy grey text would make it difficult to connect with the reader.

3.) Page content: Extraneous content can be blighting. A blog with a two line post and a hundred comments will not only take time to load but will also make the readers upset as they come to your blog to read what you write not what your readers comment . Reading he content will depend upon the reader’s patience. Many will even leave before waiting for the page to load. Also comment moderation is an important aspect. SPAM comments must be weeded out or else it would leave a bad impression on the reader. Using ad in posts is a conspicuous thing. While having many posts per page will make it slow to load again making the readers to read before reading the content.

4.) Page layout: The reading experience should not be marred by the layout. Inserting ads in the middle of the posts is rather a bad idea. Have links to important pages at the bottom of the post is a good idea as not having them at all.

5.) Visitor Aids: Visitors should have easy access to links for sharing the posts. They should also be provided with links to subscribe to blog feeds so that they remain updated about the changes to your blog. Visitors also like to voice their opinion or feedback. So, a comment box should be provided. They should not be made to wade through all the posts in search of a specific category post. So a search box along with a categorized post app must be provided. Easy access to previous posts or preferably an archive or calendar showing the post or the dates of the posts will not only save the effort of the reader but will also keep them engaged more on your blog. Again this can also be done by providing links of related posts at the end of the posts.

6.) Optionals: A blog is known by its links. Proper links, whether of sources or extra information providing links must be given this will not only help the reader of your blog to find the information they want but will also improve your page ranking. Adequate apps must be in your blog. If you are adding apps/widgets in your blog always try to add the ones provided by the platform. Using external widgets in your blog can make your blog load slower. So to make your blog load faster use apps/widgets provided by the platforms.


Making your blog visitor friendly is all about keeping your visitors haunt again and again to your blog thus increasing your daily traffic. Also you know better about the visitor that comes to your blog and for what do they come for. So, I leave it up to you; do what you want to do to make your blog visitor friendly. After all it’s your very own blog.

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